Solo Entrepreneurs

Solo Entrepreneurs are an army of one and the odds of success are against them.  But we can change that.  Our programs and solutions bring Strategic and Tactical Experts to the table and give you an advantage over your competition.  Partnering with Spark allows you to focus on your core services, products and offerings.

Small Business Owners

We believe that, Just because you are a SMALL Business doesn’t mean your Sales and Marketing Strategy can’t be BIG. Growing a Small Business is tough.  There are never enough resources or time and you have to do so much with so little.  Without the benefit of dedicated sales and marketing leadership and expert staff, small business owners can find themselves trying to do it all.

CEOs of MidSize Businesses

Many organizations reach a point in time where their sales trajectory starts to slow or even decline.  That is when you need a partner like Spark to help you to get back on the growth trajectory.  We work with your team to identify the areas that can be impacted and help to implement and execute on the Strategies and Tactics that drive consistent growth.  

About Us

Spark Growth Strategies is all about helping CEOs, Business Owners and Solo-Entrepreneurs to identify ways in which they can ignite the next level of growth in their business and helping them to execute on those strategies.

Our programs and solutions are based on proven Strategies and Tactics that are guaranteed to drive more opportunities and consistent revenue growth.

Whether you are a Solo-Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner or CEO of mid-size or larger company, our programs and solutions can help you to create that spark that will drive your next level of growth.


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