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Sales-Focused Growth Strategies

For Small Businesses & Solopreneurs


Have you noticed how often traditional marketing programs generate more smoke than fire?

It’s easy to burn cash in today’s confusing marketplace. Buying leads in bulk that don’t convert to sales. Spending on websites, SEO, and social media campaigns that don’t generate revenue impact. Purchasing CRMs and other systems that don’t streamline and support workflows.

The consequences of such inefficiencies are more threatening the smaller the business and the budget.

That’s why Spark Growth Strategies does things differently.

How We Do it

We Lead with Strategy

Before we recommend any tactics, Spark will work with you to identify your greatest revenue opportunities, pipeline challenges, and barriers to growth.

Whether you’re struggling to generate leads, nurture customers through the sales journey, or seal new and increasingly valuable deals, we’ll target root causes with cost-effective strategies.

We Target ROI

For SMBs and solopreneurs, there’s no point in marketing activity that doesn’t generate sales results.

Spark programs are carefully crafted to maximize return on every precious dollar invested. And we monitor the metrics so you can see the bottom-line impact as growth takes off.

We 'Bundle' Execution

Spark brings together a level and diversity of strategic, sales, and marketing expertise most small businesses and solopreneurs can rarely access.

Our unique approach empowers clients to build comprehensive, high-quality tactical programs incorporating lead generation, social selling, digital media strategies, content marketing, CRM integration, and much more—all conducted by seasoned professionals, at a scale and cost appropriate to smaller companies and sole proprietorships.

We Evolve

Business needs and market conditions change and Spark programs evolve accordingly. We continually test and refine strategies, iterate tactical programs for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, flexibly scale alongside our clients’ businesses, and expand efforts to the next big opportunity as soon as clients are ready.

Who We Serve

Small Business Owners

Growing a small business can be incredibly difficult.  There is never enough time in the day for everything that needs to be done and there are never enough people and resources to grow the business at the pace you would like.  This often translates for the owner as very long days filled with stress and worry. 

Many business owners continually question whether they should continue given how hard it can be.  But you don’t need to do it alone.  With Spark, you will have a team of resources available to help you to design and execute on a wining strategy and structured in an affordable, ROI-driven way.

Solo Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a consultant, fractional executive, speaker or really anyone that operates a solo entrepreneur business the biggest challenge is always the same.  How do you put enough time, energy and focus into bringing on new clients while managing to focus heavily on delivering the highest value for your clients? 

The answer is simple… Spark can be your partner to help you keep your focus on where it belongs – delivering value for your clients.  

Peer Advisory Chairs

If you are one of the 10,000+ solo entrepreneurs that lead a Peer Advisory practice such as Vistage, EO, YPO, WPO, Convene, and many more, you know that it can be an incredibly rewarding and challenging business.  As a group Chair or Moderator you are there to help your members to succeed and grow.  Your focus is on leading your group meetings, one on one sessions and everything else that needs to be done to provide the highest level of value to your member base. 

Creating awareness and recruiting new members is a necessary part of a healthy Chair practice but can be the most challenging and sometimes time consuming part.  Spark is deeply involved in helping Chairs to grow their practices and we have custom designed programs to assist. 

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Great Ideas Start with a Spark

Founder & CEO

Meet The Founder

Over the last 28 years Rob Scott has helped to create more than $2.6 Billion in shareholder value and investor returns.  His experience includes a mix of boot-strapped startups which he has founded, built and successfully exited and mid-market to enterprise experience with Private Equity backed companies.

It is that mix of experience that Rob brings to the Spark Growth Strategies vision and approach to help Business Owners and Solo Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and achieve their dreams.

Rob Scott

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