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Growth Hurdle # 1 – Consistent Flow of Quality Opportunities

We work with a lot of Solo-Entrepreneurs and Freelancers (consultants, coaches, fractional execs, CPAs and more) to help them grow and scale their businesses and achieve their goals.

What we have found is that for the most part they all have remarkably similar challenges they need to overcome to grow their revenue.

We spent some time recently boiling down the list of Needs, Challenges and Solutions to about 15 key things and we will be sharing those throughout the next few weeks in this series we are calling “Growth Hurdles”.

We welcome you to join in the conversation and share your experiences. We see this series as just a way to Spark (pun intended) the conversation so we can all learn from each other.

The Need

Solo-Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners need a Consistent flow of Quality Opportunities to grow their businesses. I stress the words Consistent and Quality as they really do not have time to waste on chasing down unqualified opportunities and the flow of opportunities needs to be consistent enough that they can rely on it for hitting their revenue goals.

The Challenge

Let’s face it, most people don’t like prospecting for business and many flat out hate it. Entrepreneurs do not start businesses because they like going out and hunting for clients, they start businesses because they want to do something they are passionate about, are good at and want the freedom and other benefits that come with entrepreneurial success.

So What Do They Do?

They end up relying on referrals and word of mouth and when that does not add up to enough, they will do hours and hours of outreach just to identify a few opportunities. This creates a roller coaster effect on revenue and leads to inconsistent revenue and a lot of anxiety and stress.

The Solution

Invest in developing a strategic approach that yields consistent results. The time, money and energy invested in a solid approach might seem daunting or expensive but if done right, it will pay dividends in growth for years to come. It all starts with committing to a better approach and not settling for the current strategy and results.

There is a basic formula that we work from when helping to develop a prospecting approach for a client:

Unique Value Proposition + Clear Messaging + Story-Driven Content + Automation of Manual Tasks + Continually Creating Awareness + Simple and Actionable Process + Obvious ROI = Consistent Flow of Quality Opportunities.

Developing a winning approach is one of those things that is Simple but Not Easy. As business owners, we are inundated every day with “solutions” for marketing and growing our businesses. If your title is CEO, President, Owner, Founder, etc… not a day goes by that you don’t get solicited by someone with promises of getting more leads and growing your business. But if you take a closer look at each of these “solutions” they are really just components of a plan and not a complete solution. If you needed to buy a car, you wouldn’t go out and buy an engine, a transmission and a few other components and hope to be driving around any time soon. So why buy a lead generation program or an email campaign solution or SEO or paid advertising before you have a complete strategy?

The answer is that many times we are just hoping for a quick fix to our problem. But just like most things in life, there are not a whole lot if any quick fixes to real challenges. The best solutions always take a significant amount of planning and investment of time and other resources as well as discipline and consistency before positive results can be achieved.

If you are looking for a partner to collaborate with in developing your strategic approach, reach out. Our team has decades of combined experience in every facet of creating consistent, repeatable growth across a wide variety of businesses. It all starts with an introductory Strategy Session to discuss where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow with your business. The session is complimentary and will be with myself or one of our experienced Growth Coaches – Not a salesperson. Worse case, you walk away with some insights and advice that you can put to work tomorrow.

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