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Ignite Growth Program


We work with CEOs, Business Owners, and Partners in companies in all phases of life from startup and early-stage businesses to very mature organizations. Most of the business owners we help do not have full time, dedicated sales leadership like a VP of Sales or VP of Marketing in place but they need the benefit of access to resources like that in order to grow their businesses.

Our model works because we bring four things to our clients: Bandwidth, Clarity, Strategy, and Focus.


Successful CEOs, Business Owners, and Individual Producers all have one thing in common, they don’t have enough time in the day. Running a successful business requires attention to all facets of the business, not just the sales and marketing approach. Think of us as an extension of yourself that is focused 100% on the Sales and Marketing engine that drives your company’s growth.


You must have a very clear vision, clear goals, and a clear plan in order to execute both now and in the future. We help to bring clarity to your vision and translate it into a model that is efficient, effective, and produces consistent growth results.


In order to continue to succeed and see their company grow, CEOs and business owners need to build their Sales and Marketing Engine for the Future and not for Today. By working with Spark Growth Strategies, we ensure that the sales and marketing model we are helping you to build and evolve is one built for where you want your business to be, not where it is today.


The last reason our model is so effective for helping CEOs and business owners is Focus. Since the clients we serve do not have the luxury of having full time, dedicated sales and marketing leadership in place and executing on their vision, having a partner like Spark Growth Strategies ensures you continually have a focus on improving and evolving your sales and marketing engine.

Our Ignite Growth Program is designed to bring all four of those key elements: Bandwidth, Clarity, Strategy, and Focus to your overall process in a very flexible and scalable way. You will have a Growth Coach assigned to help you at every step of the way. Our Growth Coaches are highly skilled individuals with a minimum of 15 to 20 years of sales and marketing leadership as well as extensive entrepreneurial experience.

Right from the beginning, we give you access to our Ignite Portal which is a collaborative online workspace that will help to keep track of goals, milestones, session notes, and other files that are shared throughout the process.

Throughout the process, we will be working with you to develop and evolve a document we call, the Winning Playbook. This is your overall Sales and Marketing strategy and a roadmap to ensure you achieve your next level of sales growth.

The program is flexible and scalable and you are able to increase or decrease the number of monthly strategy sessions and other elements in the program at any time to meet your evolving needs.

We believe that we must continually provide a high level of value for our clients so you may cancel your program at any time, no questions asked if you don’t feel like it is meeting your needs.

If you are ready to explore the next steps to Igniting your company Growth, give us a call at (720) 687-3050 or go to

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