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Improving Your Digital Approach

When we work with our clients to improve their digital approach, we break it down into six core areas of focus:

  • Content
  • Awareness
  • Lead Conversion
  • Deal Conversion
  • Customer Care
  • Analytics

For some businesses content is as simple as their website, blogs and other basic digital media and for others it can be far more complex with content management systems, webinars, video, and social media.

Content must be unique and engaging and content that educates is key.

Awareness is how you drive interest and attract an audience to your content. This encompasses everything from SEO (search engine optimization), how you rank for organic results, to paid ads on platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

Are you getting the most out of your digital spend? We can analyze your approach and help you optimize for the best RoAS (return on ad spend).

Lead conversion comes down to turning that traffic into opportunities. It’s great if you can attract thousands of people to engage with your content but what can you do to ensure you turn that traffic into quotes and deals.

We can look at every facet of the lead conversion process and the tools you are using to manage that area. Often times it can be as simple as a minor tweak to the process that produces a higher conversion rate.

Deal conversion really comes down to closing business from opportunities and typically includes your CRM systems, proposal and pricing tools and many other areas that drive a high win rate. Systems and tools are great but the key is to have a very solid sales process and well-defined steps to ensure you are moving opportunities through to closed business.

The digital side of customer care is really all about nurturing your customer relationships. Again, there are hundreds of tools and systems for this area but if you aren’t starting with a strong foundation and approach to customer care, all the tools and systems in the world won’t make your customers feel connected and appreciated.

The final core area we like to focus on is the data and analytics that surround the whole process. How can you ensure you are able to see how well each of these areas is functioning and where you need to make adjustments or increase investments? The a

At Spark Growth Strategies, we can work with your business on the overall digital approach or just focus in on specific areas where you need the most help.

One great way to start is our Digital Approach Assessment which takes a look at the key areas within your digital approach and provides a set of recomendations and some immediate tactical adjustments that can be made.

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