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Make a goal to get rejected at least once a day

Anyone who has prospected for new opportunities knows that you will hear “No” a whole lot more times than you hear “Yes”. Whether it is that you weren’t able to clearly articulate your offering, or your prospective client didn’t see the fit for your services or the person you are reaching out to was simply having a bad day, it really doesn’t much matter.

There are so many factors at play when we are prospecting and something we need to remember is that many if not most, are out of our control.

Now obviously, there are countless things we can do to improve on the factors that are within our control. We can work on perfecting our pitch, refine our prospecting lists, create exciting ways to get engagement and many more. But what about the factors out of our control?

If I had to boil down more than 25 years of prospecting and seeing what worked and what didn’t across many businesses, it would be two things, persistence and the ability to embrace rejection.

There really is no substitute for persistence. So many of the factors that are out of our control will come down to just dumb luck and timing. Persistence helps to solve for those factors out of our control. If the person you are reaching out to is having a bad day, maybe a week from now, that won’t be the case but if you don’t try again in a week, you will never know.

I have to say though, persistence and harassment are not the same things even though many people in sales can’t seem to tell the difference. Sending a prospect the same email every day for months on end will probably not get a positive response unless you just happen to luck out and get them on a day that they absolutely need what you do…that is a very slim chance. More than likely it will just get you blocked on their inbox after the first few attempts. True persistence comes in the form of continually trying different ways of approaching your prospect to get the opportunity to share your message.

Embrace rejection, don’t hide from it. It is far too easy to fall into a comfort zone, free of major rejection and just stick to safe and easy methods that seem to work. B
ut real progress doesn’t exist in safe, comfortable places, it is found outside of your comfort zone.

If you are not getting rejected at least once a day, you are not prospecting hard enough or attempting new methods or approaches that are outside of your comfort zone.

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