Digital Marketing Assessment

As your business continues to grow and evolve, ensuring that your Digital Marketing Approach is also continuing to grow and evolve can be a big challenge. 

A complete end to end Digital Marketing Approach can involve many different areas including:

  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

  • Social Marketing Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Website Traffic and Conversion Rates

  • Email Marketing

  • And much more

Unless you have a full time dedicated staff working on each of these areas, it can be very difficult to achieve better results with your digital marketing approach.

This is where Spark Growth Strategies can help.  We start with a complete Digital Marketing Assessment.  Prior to the assessment, we work with you to outline some of your specific goals related to your Digital Marketing Approach so we know which areas to focus on during the assessment. 


The assessment is customizable and will give us the data we need to provide a complete view of where you are today within each area of focus and identifies opportunities for improvement and optimization.  Some of which can be tweaked during the assessment to provide immediate improvement.  Once we review the findings, If you have the staff to implement these improvements, we can provide the complete roadmap and assist them or we can utilize our expert Digital Marketing team to implement the changes for you.

Whether your goals are to increase traffic to your website and other digital content, improve on conversion rates, maximize your overall digital spend or reach new audiences with social and other content strategies, we can help you get to where you want to be.