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Strategic Growth Solutions for Small Business & Solopreneurs

The World Wants to Throw Water On Your Dream

A great product or service, long hours on the job, the willingness to risk it all—nothing guarantees success if you can’t gain market traction in time.

With Spark, your company can blast off before you (or your capital) burn out.

Among Small Businesses


FAIL in the 1st year


FAIL within 5 years

< 1%

Reach $10M Revenue

Our Solution

The IGNITE Growth Program™

Sales Focused

You decide what outcomes matter most. Together, we’ll establish metrics and build an IGNITE Growth Program to achieve your goals.

Budget Aligned

IGNITE is tailored to small businesses and solopreneurs who need big a bang from a limited budget, with the flexibility to scale up and down as resources dictate.


Social media followers and website hits only count when they generate revenue. IGNITE Growth Programs deliver sustained ROI you can take to the bank.

Well Defined

We structure your program to achieve quantifiable results in a specified timeframe. A pre-determined monthly cost means no surprises.

Full Service

Consultants and fractional executives can sketch strategy. Marketing firms can execute campaigns. IT solutions providers can supply tools. Spark puts it all together, strategically and for less.

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