Our Approach

While each engagement is unique we typically begin with a comprehensive review and assessment of your current sales model.  The majority of companies we work with have never fully documented their sales model in a meaningful way.  Most companies just evolve from startup to more mature businesses and their sales model evolves along the way.  Having a clear and concise documentation of your sales model can be a great starting point to outlining and executing on the next level of your sales strategy.

Following the initial review and documentation process, we work with the executives/owners of the business to understand the future goals they are hoping to achieve with the next phase of their sales model.  We will help to bring clarity to those goals and clearly outline the expectations surrounding those goals.  This process leads right into the Strategy Phase.

Throughout the Strategy Phase, we will work side by side with the executives to define the go forward plan from the high level strategy down to the tactical steps and various milestones and timelines.

Once the Strategy Phase is complete, we move on to the Execution Phase.  This can take on many forms depending on the size and maturity of the company, the complexity of the strategy and what level of guidance and participation the company is interested in seeing from us.  This could be a monthly or even quarterly review or it can be a much more hands-on management approach.

We work with companies at all stages, from startup to businesses that have 20 years of maturity and beyond.  Whatever stage your business is in, we can help you to find that spark that will take your growth to the next level.

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