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We help you with the Business of Chairing so that you can focus on the Art of Chairing

Solutions to help you Launch and Expand your groups more quickly and better Maintain your groups on a long term basis


"Spark Growth Strategies has accelerated my path to Selection Interviews by 30% or more. They guided me through crucial business development tasks which detract from my focus on “The Art of Chairing”. My work with Spark has multiplied my effectiveness, keeping my pool of excellent, targeted candidates full, and making for vibrant group growth."

The Peer Group Lifecycle


Launching your first Group or Additional groups can be one of the most difficult things a Chair will face. Leveraging existing is just not enough and driving engagement with new member candidates can be very difficult and frustrating.

  • Mostly the “Business of Chairing”

  • Identifying ideal member candidates

  • Multiple outreach methods

  • Driving interest and then engagement

  • Driving attendance to virtual and in-person events

  • Information Exchanges, Selection Interviews


Growing a Group to full capacity can take a significant amount of time without help.  Getting to full capacity means maximizing the revenue opportunity but also enhances the value of the group for the Members.

Now the “Art of Chairing + Business of Chairing”

  • Continuing all of the efforts from the Launch phase while doing one on ones with Members, continually communicating and maintaining engagement, and moderating meetings.


There will always be Members that move on for one reason or another each year.  Maintaining multiple groups and continually bringing in new Member Candidates while focusing on the responsibilities to the Group and Members is a tall order.

Multiple Groups exponentially increases the workload and responsibilities.

  • Continuing all of the efforts from the Launch and Expand phases but now dealing with Member attrition and the challenges of managing multiple groups

Paths to Success



(Most Effort)

While the lowest cost in terms of investment, this can be the most difficult approach. Days are full of Cold Calls, Emails that go unanswered, hours of research identifying the best targets.

The outbound efforts consist of hours of effort each day and often with very little positive results in return. Spending hours doing outreach just to secure a few calls a week can be demoralizing.

Rejection stings the most because of the hours of manual efforts that are being applied.


DIY + Marketing Agency

(Most Expensive)

Adding the services of a Marketing Agency can be a great way to boost interest and engagement.  While these services can be fairly expensive, especially in the early phase of launching a group, they can certainly help to drive more “leads” for potential Member Candidates.

But this approach lacks a long term benefit.  Other than the leads that are produced from the campaigns, once the Marketing Agency has completed their work, the Chair is back to the DIY approach until they once again engage the    services of an agency.


Partner with Spark

(Least Effort)

We apply a highly effective approach to identifying, reaching and engaging ideal Member Candidates with very little manual effort from the Chair.  We automate key areas of the outreach to save valuable time and eliminate frustration.

We implement a Candidate and Member Management system that saves the Chair dozens of hours a month and provides an easy to use platform for developing and managing their practice.

Our solution provides the Chair with the long term benefit of a Strategy, System and Approach that doesn’t require outside help.  The solution is yours – you own it and can build on it for years to come as your practice evolves.


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