Sales Leader Selection

Bringing on a Sales Leader and getting it right the first time can be a daunting task for any business owner.  Our approach gives you a big advantage and significantly improves your chances of success.

Whether you are using inhouse or external recruiting resources, we can either coordinate and drive the entire process end to end or just provide assistance with certain areas as needed.  Our end to end Sales Leader Selection process starts with an engagement to understand and document your current sales model and strategy as the foundation.  We then work to bring clarity to the sales growth goals of the organization and the expectations for the Sales Leader you intend on hiring.

Once those fundamental pieces are defined and documented, we can assist with engaging recruiters or work with your recruiters to identify the best possible candidates.  This takes a lot of the burden off and allows you to focus on just the final candidates before making a decision.  In addition to the time savings, our approach enables recruiters to more effectively identify candidates and gives you the tools to engage in a very clear and concise way with the candidates on your goals, expectations, current and future state of the sales organization they will lead.

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